Meet The Owner...

Meet Courtney Long 

Courtney has been a professional Makeup and Hair Artist for over 20 years! You can see her work from Celebrity  Weddings, TV shows, publications, and much more!  Courtney hand picks her assistant artist to accompany her on larger weddings and has a team of assistants she  truly loves.


No Wedding is too small or too big! At Chi Ro Courtney has you covered! 

What Does Chi Ro Mean And How Do you Pronounce It?

Chi Ro ( Ki Row) 

Is the first letters of Christ in Greek. The symbol, the most commonly encountered Christogram in English speaking countries in modern times is the X ( more accurately in Greek Chi ) represents the first letter of Christ.


In Oct 312 CE In Rome Constantine had a dream... In his dream he was told to wear the Chi Rho Symbol on his Armor and to tell his Soldiers to do the same. This would be a secret symbol of their Christianity and a promise of protection and  Victory! Much like an Artists, they painted this symbol on their Armor as their war paint  forward into Victory! This was also the beginning of Constantine's conversion into Christianity! Below is a fun Youtube video with more information!