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Extra - Add On Services

Here is a list of some of the extra add-on services that we provide at CHIRO Bridal Artistry. 

*Parking fees may apply for locations that require valet or parking garage payment. 

*A $75 set up fee per artist will apply for additional locations. 

Hair Extension

Starting at $250 


Starting at $15 

Tattoo Cover- Up 

Starting at $75

Touch Up Services

Starting at $100 per hour

Holiday Fee

$100 per Artist for any event scheduled on or within 48 hours of a National Holiday. 

Early Start 

$75 per Artist. This applies to any events scheduled prior to 8:00 AM

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Let's Chat & 

Thinking of something that's not listed above? Don't hesitate to reach out with the form below. 

Thank you! We will reach out soon!
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